Mexicans studying in foreign universities

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Latino students are about as likely as others
to enroll in college shortly after completing high school (Fry, 2002), but they are
much more likely to enroll in a 2-year college rather than a 4-yearcollege or university.
In fact, compared to Whites, Blacks, and Asian Americans, Latinos make
up the highest proportion of traditional college-age undergraduates attending community
colleges (Fry,2002). Indeed, 58% of Mexican American students enrolled
in institutions of higher education are in community colleges

Clearly, community colleges offer certain advantages over 4-yearinstitutions.
They often are close to home, are less expensive, and may constitute a steppingstone
to a 4-year institution with the promise of a bachelor’s degree. However, they also
present cleardisadvantages...they “suffer from the inherent
problems of student transfers, part-time faculty, commuter programs, and
funding patterns” (see also Shulock & Moore, 2005). The truth is that most students
whobegin college by enrolling in a 2-year institution do not complete a bachelor’s
degree (Fry, 2002). Most community college students, in fact, complete some number
of courses but neither transfer toa 4-year institution nor complete a 2-year degree.
These problems affect Whites and others, too, but Latinos even more.

Shurlock and Moore argued about a true understanding of communitycollege-to-university
transfer, they propose a model composed of three parts: pipeline-process-capacity.

In sinthesis, pipeline is about a filter, about the community college students that are capable totransfer, said in other words, the ones that would actually succed.

Process are inter institutional agreements where both institutions either offer programs and entrance
requirements andcommunity colleges ensure that their coursework and students meet the rquirements

Capacity is about 4 year institutions being able to accept a determined number of community college
students, because...
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