Mexico en sus anios de vida indpendiente

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T oscana Series
Fully-Assembled and Finished Pizza Ovens
The Toscana Series is a family of assembled and fully finished pizza ovens based on our Casa2G Series pre-cast refractory ovens. Thesewonderful ovens combine the outstanding cooking performance of the Casa2G ovens with the convenience of a fully assembled oven that you just set it place and fire. The ovens are finished in the traditionalMediterranean Igloo (or beehive) shape with a brick arch and oven landing. The Toscana ovens are available in four sizes, based on the Casa2G80 (32”), Casa2G90 (36"), Casa2G100 (40") and Casa2G110 (44”)modular pizza ovens kits. These fully assembled, fully insulated ovens are the perfect choice for homeowners who do not want to manage the siteinstallation process, who want to get started right awaywith their pizza oven, who might have trouble locating installation products, or who might want to take their oven with them when they move. Using state-of-the-art refractory materials, includingaluminate mortars, woven ceramic insulation and a sophisticated custom, multi-layer insulating hearth, the Toscana ovens offer fast heatup time (about 45 minutes) and excellent heat holding capabilities.The outer shell of the oven stays cool, while the oven chamber cooks authentic Italian pizza in 2-3 minutes. The ovens utilize the Casa2G integrated vent system, providing excellent air movement, aswell as durability -- a significant improvement over low-end metal venting systems. The ovens also use a stainless steel chimney system with rain cap. The Toscana80/90 feature a 6" chimney, while theToscana100/110 feature an 8" chimney. The Toscana ovens are finished with hand crafted smooth stucco and either a warm Italian Giallo yellow exterior grade paint with glaze, or Tuscan Siena terracottapaint with glaze. Custom colors are available on request for an extra charge. The Toscana ovens are delivered on a concrete hearth, and can be installed directly on a block stand. An optional metal...
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