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Chapter one; Holiday in Onach

Ed, Joan and Alan have a clothes bussines in Glasgow. Ed and Joan are married. Joan had a first husband who died same years ago andleft her a lot of money. She invested the money in the company. During some years the bussines were good but lately she had some problems with the best client. So Ed and Alan decided to give her aholiday. They dcided to go to the Craigen Castle..

Chapter two; The story of the three Courtyards

Ed tells to Joan the story of the three courtyards. That is thefollowing.
The first courtyards is called the fountain courtyards and there the third Lord Dougla was tied on a wall and they didn’t give him food and water. And he died veryslowly. Now people say that they can hear him crying out for water.

The second courtyards is called the Courtyard of the lost Bride, because the sixth Lond Douglas gave aparty and made a game which consisted in all the women had to hide and last one to be found would get the bag of money. All of them appeared except his son’s bride who appeared many years later in achest on the roof. People say that some nights they can hear to her trying to get out.

The third courtyards is called Cora’s Courtyards and it’s abau Cora and her friendLiz, who were servants and they were in love with the same man. But only Liz could get married to him and had a baby. Cora was very jealous and one day she saw a metal trapdoor with a ladder whichwas filled with water. She put the hat of Liz’s son next to the trapdoor and started to cry “mummy help” Liz saw the trapdoor and the hat and went down and got went. The next day she caught pneumanicand she died. Cora was never seen again.

Chapter three; Trapped!!

They were going to leave when they saw that the door is locked. She is very angry because...
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