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Writing task (Mini project)

A. Join the sentences with so… (that) …. or such … (that).

1. Hisappearance is so unusual that it would be easy to recognize him.

2. His tattoo is so beautiful that I want one myself.

3. His rings are so nice that I would liketo wear them.

4. His friends are so poor that they all wear second-hands clothes.

5. The cafeteria at school is such cheap that they always eat there.

B.Listen to this conversation and answer the questions:

1. How does the interviewer describe Jame’s appearance? Striking or strange?
His looks is quiet striking2. Has Jame’s always had the same appearance? Yes or not?
Not, He always has changed your image

3. How long has he had dreadlock? About a month or about ayear?
He had dreadlock about a month

4. How long has he had rings? Since he left school or since he started college?
Since Jame’s left school, he hadrings

5. How long has he had the Chinese dragon tattoo? For about three years or about
six years?
He had a Chinese dragon tattoo for about three yearsC. Write a description of another person who looks unusual.

Carolina is named EMO, a kid that wrote poetry, wore black rimmed glasses, and played acoustic guitar.His style was kind of like a punkish nerdy grandpa. She has the habit of self-harming, being extremely suicidal. Resemble goths style, which actually came fromJapan with the big hair and skinny clothes. Listen to alternative metal and pop-punk and looks lost, confused, and lonely.

Gustavo Adolfo Robayo Ulloa
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