Minimum wages

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India, a country with almost 1,200,000,000 people has a labor force of almost 500,000,000 people. 52% of the labor force is in the agriculture sector, 14% in the industry sector and 34% in the service sector. In India, minimum wages are declared at national, regional, sectorial and occupational or skill level. Minimum wages in India is declared on daily, hourly, and monthly basis.
Before2007, the minimum wage was of 80 Rupees per day, the equivalent to 1.82 dollars. Right now, the minimum wage increased to 100 Rupees per day, or 2.27 dollars.
India has overtime laws depending on the sector. These laws are designed to protect members of the working classes by legislating work hours and work pay. when an employee who works for minimum wage during a fixed hour or day, works anyadditional hours or days in excess of his normal working day, his employer must pay him the overtime rate for every additional hour he works.
A factory employee who works more than nine hours per day or more than 48 hours per week shall be awarded overtime in the amount of twice his average hourly rate. If the average rate is not paid in cash but food grains, the overtime rate must be calculatedbased on the cash value of those food grains, which would then be doubled.
If a miner works above ground for more than nine hours a day or below ground for more than eight hours day, or works for more than 48 hours a week whether working above or below ground, he is entitled to overtime pay. The overtime pay is twice his daily pay rate.
Children are not permitted to work additional hours in excessof the standard hours that are permitted for the kind of establishment or company where the child works. Children are never allowed to work overtime. There are no exceptions to this rule. Children must also rest for one full hour after working for three full hours.
When a journalist works for more than six hours a day for a day shift or five and a half hours on a night shift, he shall beentitled to overtime compensation. In the case with journalists, the overtime compensation is paid not in money but in hours of rest. The journalist is awarded hours of rest equal to the number of additional hours he worked.

In case of noncompliance, fines, imprisonment and payment of arrears can be applied as per law. If any one contravenes the rules formed under the Act he may be punished to payfine, imprisonment which may extend to period of six months or payment of arrears by the employer to the employee. 
1 dollar = 44.1 rupees
1 rupee = .02 dollars
Germany has almost 81,500,000 people, and a labor force of 43,000,000. The industry sector has 29.7% of the labor force, the service sector 67.8% and the agricultural sector only 2.4%. However, only one part of the industry sectorhas an established minimum wage.
In Germany there is no minimum wage, except for some industry sectors, like construction, electrical, painting, roofing and demolition.
The following table shows the average wages for these industries:

Statutory agreed minimum wages in Germany in January 2011 | |
Minimum wages | Dollars/hour |
Construction industry proper | |
Skilled workers |18.7171 |
Unskilled worker | 15.7536 |
Commerical cleaning | 11.0564 |
Electrical trades | 14.0192 |
Erection of roof coverings and frames | 15.6091 |
Industrial cleaning | 12.3586 |
Long-term care activities | 12.2863 |
Painting and varnishing trade | |
Skilled workers | 16.6227 |
Unskilled workers | 13.7318 |
Waste management | 11.9105 |

1 euro = 1,4434 dollars

Usually,wages in Germany are set according to industry-wide collective negotiating agreements and detailed rules determine what kind of work receives what kind of pay. The trade unions have to specify an agreed minimum wage. The trade unions in Germany have a lot of strength, and for this reason the wage payment are normally favorable to workers.
Germany is currently debating the introduction of a minimum...
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