Modal verbs

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What are the modals verbs?

Modals verbs are a class of auxiliary verbs. Modal verbs are also called modal auxiliaries or simply manners. There are ten English modal verbs:

Could dog
May /Might
Shall Should
Would will
Must ought to
Manners express how a verb: the ability, possibility, necessity or another condition of the main verb.

When do we use the modal verbs?

These verbs areused with main verbs to make statements or ask questions. Conjugates have no manners or time and can not be used without the main verb.
In English, the main verb is always in infinitive without to,except the modal ought.
In a statement, the word order is subject + modal + main verb

Modals verbs use three situations each


Tom can help you.
Tom puede ayudarte.
Wild animals can bedangerous.
Los animales salvajes pueden ser peligrosos.
Eating out can be costly.
Comer fuera puede ser costoso.

I could have told you that.
Podría haberte dicho eso.
It could have beena disaster.
Podría haber sido un desastre.
When I was young, I could run very fast.
Cuando era joven, podía correr muy rápidamente.

Shall y Will

I will / shall close the door for you.Cerraré la puerta para ti.
Tom will / shall meet us at the train station.
Tom nos encuentrará en la estación de tren.
They will / shall leave tomorrow at 8:00.
Irán mañana a las ocho.
Who will / shalldrive the car?
¿Quién conducirá el coche?
When will / shall I see you again?
¿Cuándo veré a ti otra vez?
How will / shall you get here?
¿Cómo llegarás aquí?

What time will / shall we meet?
¿Aqué hora vamos a encontrarnos?

May y Might

I may / might go to the park, or I may / might stay home.
Puede que vaya al parque, o quizá me queda en casa.
This may / might be a bad idea.
Talvez es una mala idea.
It may / might rain tonight.
Quizás llueva esta noche.
You may / can now board the airplane.
Ahora, pueden embarcarse en el avión.
You may / can begin the exam in ten...
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