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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Committee: SPECPOL
Topic A: The prevention and recovery of failed states
Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Delegate: Itzel Fox Miranda
School: American School of Saltillo
Thehigh population density, communal group violence, drop in GNP, rise of private militias, corruption, high poverty rates, and many other factors, make a state become a failed state. Almost allthese states are found in the African continent. This problem is not just of the country itself, it is also all the countries. Why can all the countries help to make a failed state? Not helpingthem in health, in exportations, so they can get best GDP. Instead of helping, the countries are more worried in whose country will be the richest and the most powerful.
In UAE, being afailed state is kind of near. My delegation is not in the critical level, it is in the borderline level, according to the failed state index. Wars and violent problems have affected our country.Maybe what had help our country to be closer to become a failed state is the federal government that our delegation has; that we have 6.5 CPI (Corruption Perceptions Index) score, and theterrorism that my delegation is suffering. Also a big problem that my delegation has is that Human Rights for non-citizens and women are not respected. Over the 80% of my countries population isnot a citizen of the UAE.
My delegation has a main solution, to have a fair government. We can have any religion, language, clothing, including government and liberties. Why includinggovernment can be a solution? Because this way we will be fair, especially for the distribution of the richness and rights. This will help prevent hunger, thirst, economy crisis, discrimination,and many other World problems. Preventing this, we will notice that internal wars will no longer exist, economic crisis will decrease, everything that seems a problem, will be solved in a way.
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