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ÁREA: InglésEstudiante: Mario Sarmiento |
Tema: Movie Review |
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Información general |
Posición: 5 | Fecha apertura: martes, 08 de junio de 2010 |
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Estado: En curso | Responsable: German Torres |
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Punto de partida y punto de llegada |
ActividadesRecomendadas | 1. What is a Movie Review? Explain briefly.
2. Name the different mediums of a movie review?
3. Name the movies that you have watched because of its reviews?
***Remember, there is no wrong answer, it’s what you think
***This must be in a paragraph |
Competencias a desarrollar | 1. Improving reading and speaking abilities for a range of topics.
2. Forming opinions in a coherent andgrammatically correct way.
3. Improving vocabulary and increasing speed, fluency and pronunciation during speech. |
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Recolección y proceso de información (Hasta encontrar el orden) |
Acitividades a desarrollar | 1. Read movie reviews of one movie from 3 different sources.
2. Mention the sources of the movie review that you read and based on that write the important characteristicsof writing a good movie review and why do you think they are important.
3. Find out who Roger Ebert is and why he is famous in Hollywood.
*Minimum one page |
Recursos recomendados | Webpage:, , , websites of your choice
Library: Movie ofyour choice, magazines and newspapers for reviews |
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Desarrollo de la habilidad (Garantiza cumplimiento operativo del estándar) |
Desarrollo de la habilidad | 1. Choose any movie of your choice (that is not being shown in cines) and watch it in your house as many times as you need to and take notes.
2. Write a detailed, minimum 1 page, Movie Review based on the format mentioned inthe links mentioned above.
3. Make sure that the Review mentions the following along with rest of the points - character, setting, plot, theme, point of view, and conflict/resolution.
*Minimum one page |
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Relación (Análisis del proceso) |
Actividades recomendadas | 1. Read a movie review from a movie recently played in cine and then watch the movie.
2. Write on one page as towhat did you think of the review and compare it with your reaction after watching the movie, what are the things that you would have liked to add in the review, what are the things that you did not agree with in the review.
*Minimum one page |

A movie review is a text that describes a movie and talks about what the author of the review thinks about the movie. In a movie review you have towrite the title of the movie, year, genre, actors, director, what is the main idea of the movie and how this idea is developed without telling how the movie ends and finally an author’s opinion about the movie. I haven’t read a movie review before watching a movie, so I haven’t watched any movies because of the review.

How to Make a Movie Review

I read three movie reviews of the movie “TheLongest Yard” one from Roger Ebert’s website, another from and the last one from Based on those movie reviews I can describe the process that people follow to do a good movie review. A movie review is done so that people know the topic of the movie and give a personal opinion about the movie you’re talking about.

The first step to making a good review iswatching the movie two times or more. When you see the movie more than one time you can see details that you haven’t seen when you see the movie only one time. Seeing the movie more than one time is useful because people already know what’s going to happen, but can figure out how the different actors make their characters and how the way they do it can affect the way the movie is told.

The second...
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