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  • Publicado : 20 de octubre de 2010
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Learning theories.

‘How to talk with your mates when you can’t use words.’

Gabriel Lozano.

Through history, growing up and many language classes we have learnt that all human beings are‘social animals’ that belongs to different kinds of social groups and societies. But how do you communicate with people around the world that may or may not speak the same language that you do, and thatalso keep almost all the time when they get together, a regulator on their mouth so they can’t talk?

The answer, you invent a new language or in my case you learn the language that belongs only tothat group, a language that was created not only to communicate with others but also to keep you safe. The social group that I’m talking about is “The scuba divers” which I belong to. As you get intothe group you will learn that there are certain rules in this society, these rules are given to you so you can fit into the group, communicate with them and also to keep you safe or save someone else inthe group if needed.

As in any other language that is given to you by someone else that already belongs to the group for a long time and that has the skills to teach you and training you, thisperson is called the Dive Instructor, he or she is a well experienced diver and knows how to manage any circumstances that may occur. Once you have acquired the skills and the language to be part of thissociety, you became scuba diver “open water” (the lowest level of the group – you need to be a worldwide certified member). With time, practice and time under water, you would develop skills to goup in the hierarchy going from open water diver to advance diver to rescue diver to instructor diver and finally Dive Master. There are also other skills people need to develop in order to become aDive Master.

In order to became part of the group the individual has to attend and complete a process called the ‘Open Water’ course. In this course the future scuba diver gathers skills through...
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