Music vs mp3

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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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By: Juan Felipe Patarroyo Montenegro
About 15 years ago, the internet has been getting more and more importance in our lives, that’s because people always want to be connectedwith everyone in every place in the world, so it born applications like Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc. those applications let the people to know what’s new with their friends andfavorite artists.

Internet was getting much faster than before, so mp3 format appeared in our lives. Mp3 is a format of digital audio that compress the music deleting all frequencies that human ear can’tlisten, so if a normal CD song has a size of 50mb, the same song on mp3 format will have a size of 5 mb, that’s a lot difference of size between these formats!. Of course, CD songs have more qualityof sound than mp3, but mp3 is much more portable, and you know the more portable the better. So if songs were much lighter than before, they became easier to download from the internet, and because ofthat, you could get all the music you wanted for free!, of course, you can only do that here in Colombia, in here, the laws against the music hackers are not as strict as the other countries, wherethe people can go to jail for download a song without permission.

There are a lot of people that defend CD music with sword and shield, those people say if you’re a true fan, you’ll have the musicon a case, because it is a collection piece and it’s more interesting than have that same music in a computer, furthermore, if you buy a CD you are helping a whole industry that is getting weaker everyday.

So music companies had to make a change, and it born the itunes and other online stores that sell each song one by one, that’s slightly cheaper than buy the whole CD, and the best part of it,you can store it on your hard drive or ipod that can have about 10.000 or more songs.

So, as a conclusion, CD music is getting weaker, and it’s not as good business as before, so the true fan...
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