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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Do you like music? You probably do, everybody tends to like music. Nowadays, music is part of

people’s daily life. Music is definitely a very big part of my daily life. Most teens my age are intohard rock, metal, pop, hip-hop, etc. I like these genres; however I enjoy more relaxed styles

such as house, dubstep, classic rock, and R&B.

If you ask most teens what their favoritestyle of music is, you will probably hear R&B the

least. R&B is probably my favorite though. Most people think that it’s boring, but I was raised

listening to R&B music. It is a style that iseasy to relate to. Most R&B songs tell stories that

pretty much everybody can understand and relate to. Most people stereotype R&B songs as

talking about cheatings, divorce, mammas, and revenge.But in fact, they go much deeper than

that. R&B is derived from the old root of all modern music, the Blues.

Slaves began the Blues in the mid 1800’s. They mostly wrote their music aboutpain, anger,

toils, hardships, sorrows, and frustrations. They pretty much poured their souls into their music.

After the turn of the century, Blues branched out into two categories, them beingDelta Blues

and Chicago Blues. Delta Blues were the acoustic, soulful blues that the slaves sang a few

decades earlier. One of the most popular Delta Bluesmen was Robert Johnson, who fabled tohave sold his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming a famous musician. Muddy Waters

founded the Chicago Blues, an electro version of the Delta Blues. This led to a revolution in the

musicindustry, which brought a new genre that we refer to now as classic rock.

Classic rock also led to a revolution in the music industry. However, most of the musical

innovations that areused today were developed around the 1960’s through the 1970’s. It was

the heyday for these innovations, but it was also the heyday for music itself. There were a

variety of bands that came out...
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