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“Greens” On the day that I left Saturn, one of my fellow prisoners told me that since she had known me, her opinion of “Greens” had fallen even lower than it had been before. This hit me especially hard because she was a woman whom I deeply respected and also because I had secretly imagined myself to be living a life as a “Green” witness among the rebels. She said that when I decidednot to speak to me. She condemned me for professing to be a “Green” without having the courage to act like one. It was then that I conceived that I owed it to the members of the camp to speak for them and against Saturnian dictationship. It became clear to me that, whatever the diplomatic or personal repercussions. I had to speak the truth quite openly to those who were prepared to listen. Thesewords, then are written as the final stage of the fulfillment of a pledge made to the women of Alamet prison on Saturn. These women are now free or living in exile, but other Saturnians have taken their place. I will write a story of what happened to me in a spirit of love and hope, for my experience has convinced me of the incredible and unconquerable goodness in people. Sheila Cassidy 1. What isthe main idea of the text? a) One shouldn’t keep silence for personal security b) It is important to listen to other people’s opinion c) It is fait to denounce brutality d) One can’t always speak the truth

2. Which of the following statements is present in the text? a) Freedom turns into exile after jail b) Honesty doesn’t bring on diplomatic troubles c) Rebel prisioners do not respect“Greens” d) Humans beings are worth loving and believing in

3. According the text, the author changed because she a) Discovered she wasn’t the acting like a real “Green” b) Made a pledge to the other women in prision c) Didn’t believe in the goodness of people d) Was respected by her fellow prisioners

“Vladimir Mayakovsky” Vladimir Mayakovsky Russian poet and playwright, later canonized poet laurateof the Revolution by Stalin he was literary star of the post-Revolution period of the 1920s. (He and rival Sergei Esenin contended for the role of spokesman for the proletariat and the new order). Although never a member of the Communist Party, Mayakovsky became the troubador of the Revolutions and Bolshevism, and he was a superb propagandist, creating thousand of poems, advertisements, posters,and slogans to sell Lenin and the Soviets to the masses. Matching the age in which he lived, Mayakovsky was dramatic and demanding. His emotions-his love of women, his need for love, his need to belong, his loneliness- were, like his physical presence, larger that life.

Taken from Short Dives by Katinka Matson. 7. Which of the following ideas is present in the text? a) Mayakowsky didn’t agreewith Sergei Esenin b) Mayakowsky wanted to denounce Lenin to the masses c) The goal of Mayakowsky was to proclaim the Russian Revolution d) Stalin didn’t hesitate to call Mayakowky a saint of Revolution 8. According to the author, Mayakowsky was a a) Lonely man b) Ladies’ man c) Strong person d) Political publicist 9. When the actor says that Mayakowky was “demanding”, he means that he a) Gave ordersb) Was rigorous c) Asked questions d) Showed impatience

10. Engineer Smith is in charge of the maintenance a) ing b) ence c) ize d) ance

11. We must leave at once. Everything all set for the trip a) way of b) all set c) back up d) let alone 12. I don’t trust Bill. He never keeps out his plans. a) sets b) keeps c) makes d) carries 13. The tickets are sold out. We cannot call the show offnow! a) for b) off c) down d) over 14. Elizabeth found the box after digging through layers of rock and soil a) pegs b) paths c) brines d) layers 15. Our boss stimulates us by pulling our new projects up a) sweeping b) backing c) pulling d) bringing 16. African life has not been well portrayed by western writers a) labeled b) menaced c) refined d) portrayed 17. I always try to finish my...
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