My best friends

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2010
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´´My best friend´´

I have 2 best friends, one of them is named Alicia, she is one of the most gentile people I have met in my life, sharing our experiences about everything have made ourfriendship too strong. Alicia and I met when I was nine years old, and when she was twelve, she is older than me three years. Having lived similar situations allow us to help one another easier,however sometimes our problems are very different but we always find the way of helping each other ,at least what matters is being at the bad and good situations of both always.
Alicia knowsabout all my life, and we share a lot of likes. We love writing ,listening music and dancing, for us that’s a way in which we can enjoy and have fun, relaxing ourselves from the stress of school in mycase and in hers of university, and also from familiar problems. What I most value of her is that I can trust her all my life and she always keep my secrets, confidence for us is one of the mostimportant things of friendship. She is always sincere with me, she never avoids telling me the truth, even if it is painful of if it can hurt me.
My other best friend is my mom I lovehaving long conversations with her , because I learn a lot, she is very intelligent , she gives me the best advices as Alicia do, living with her makes me felt that I have a support always. Somethingthat we both love is watching movies on Sundays, that’s our favorite hobby, sometimes Alicia watch movies with us, but when she doesn’t, is because she is doing the same with her father, also when mymom cant, I watch at least one movie with Alicia and her father. My mom is like a second mom for Alicia, we share all, and we are to similar. Alicia doesn’t have mom, she lost her when she was fifteenyears old, so my mom became in one of her supports, becoming in a ´´second mom´´ for her.
Finally I only have left to say, that there´s nobody like them, having them in my life is a benefit...
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