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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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My ideal career is Environmental Engineering
I like this career because I love nature , I like the animals , plants , forests . I want to be an environment engineer forpreserving the natural resources and can guarantee a better quality of life for the current generation and the future generations.
This career is wonderful but you need tostudy very hard, it makes me happy when people are interesting about this career. I know that this career is a Little difficult but it´s neccesary study a lot for reach agoal. I don´t mind it when someone is disagree with me about my ideal career but it upsets me when a person isn´t respectful and criticizes the opinions of others. I love itwhen my parents support me in my decisions, they are agree with me for studying this career.
It bothers me when I see people litter garbage on the streets. I realize thatpeople don´t care the environment for that reason we need people that love nature.
Being an environment engineer sounds fascinating because I could travel and visit touristplaces, working in the environment could be a little difficult but really rewarding. Being an environment engineer is more interesting than being an architect, making projectsof environmental impact is fantastic and planing the proper use of environment would be challenging but an environment engineer earns less than a doctor, being anenvironment engineer is harder than being a public speaker , an environment engineer earns as much as a chemical engineer.
This career requires many responsabilities for examblediagnostícate and evaluate environment aspects, develop solutions for the environment, monitor natural resources , participate in the solution of the environment`s big troubles.
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