My House
Hello my name is Dania, and I will describe my house. I live in Los Reyes La Paz, Estado de Mexico.
My house is big and has two levels. In the first level there is a drugstore and garage. The front of my house is blue, has a white door and two white windows. I live in the second level. The stairs take me from the yard to the living room upstairs.
The living room has green walls, green floor, and a white window. I love my living room! I think is cute and big. I always watch T.V with my family and we are so happy!
In the living room there is a TV and DVD, two armchairs, a sofa, a book shelf with family pictures and a coffee table.
Next to the living room is the dining room, there is a black dinning set and a picture of Jesus hanging in the wall.
The kitchen has grey walls, white roof with a green floor, and a white window. There are cabinets filled with cooking pans, cooking utensils, and a cupboard with cups, glassesand dishes; a refrigerator filled with yummy food, a sink and the stove. My mom cooks for us in the kitchen delicious Mexican Food yum!
We have two bed rooms; my parent’s bedroom has purple walls, white roof and green floor, they have a big bed and a big closet. It is very confortable
My bedroom is the most beautiful room! It has pink walls, white roof and green floor. My bed is small but is very comfortable whit purple sheets and white pillows. There is a closet and a toys box. In the wall I have a poster of Monster High and my favorite drawings.
The bathroom is the hall between my bedroom and my parent’s bedroom. The bathroom is small, with white walls, white roof and floor. There is a white toilet and a white sink, some clean hands towels and shower towels ready to be used and a shower.
I love this house because I can play, eat, dance, listen to music, watch T.V and do my homework, and at night I go to my bed to sleep happy and [continua]

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