My simple brown box

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Working with Corrugated

In October 2006 I received a phone call for a supervisor position at the production area. Right away we setup an appointment for next day at 10:00 in the morning. By 9:30I was already there waiting for Mr. the manager and at soon as he shows up he ask me to walk with him to he’s office on the second floor. During the interview he gave me a little BRIEF about thecompany and he talks about the most common and useful rules and norms in the company. After all that talk he open a side door offering a tour around the company and at soon I pass that door was likeentering a New World and almost immediately my point of view for and insignificant and simple brown box totally change to a very complicated process.

For supervisors the process begins with theunderstanding and learning of how to read a LAYOUT or instruction sheet. This layout is full of very significant and important information about an order or customer request. In here you can see the customerinformation like name, address, phone and fax number and the most important the contact person in case of questions, concerns or mistakes. Something else included here is a design with measures forevery part of the project, colors, printing type if any and the crucial one the paperboard type and construction. Another thing is the quantity of the order, and how they want that stack in palletsbefore shipping.

The next process is how to select the right paperboard for your order. The first thing that you have to know is that these sheets have two components: one is called linerboard (flatface) and the second one is called medium or fluted paper (wavy insert). These came in different sizes and something good to know is “the larger the flutes, the stronger the box”. The most common typesof flutes are “C” flute – good for delicate shipments like glass, furniture and food products, “B” flute – great when you need to add style and good for stand up displays and “E” flute – perfect...
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