My student life

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  • Publicado : 21 de junio de 2010
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My student life
I still remember when I was a child and I was in the school. I lived great moment in this place with my classmates, teachers, friends and enemies too. I have many memories in my mindwith these persons, which accompanied me during all primary and secondary education. Also, I remember much smile, affective, tenderness, long conversation and many follies, but what I most remember,undoubtedly, is when I was in secondary education.
I was in a grade with forty-five classmate but alone eighteen were my friends. We named us “OH-icas” and we were very popular in the school. Weparticipated in all school´s activity, for instance, in championship, celebration or bingo. Our teachers and authorities loved us much, we were really funny and cheerful, but we knew when we should bequiet.
Tiara, Pola, Camola, Valverde, Alette, Valeria, Ina and Feña shared a taste for study, they were always worried for their marks and they wanted to be the best in the school, and with great effortthey achieved to be recognize by director. Whereas that, Danitza and Nené, shared a great passion for football, they went to all football matches but only of Colo- Colo. On the other hand, Java, Soland Lore loved the dance, they took dance class but not together; Sol and Lore in “Bafochi” and Java in Rodrigo Díaz´s academy. Kadambini and Jecca were “Hare Krishna” and they gave us lessons ofspirituality. Also, they liked to talk about their life´s experience with us. My group´s rest had other passions but all with the same desire to play, to laugh and to enjoy the day to day.
We were veryoutgoing and we always had something in our mind; sometimes our teachers were surprised at our follies and sometimes they punished us, but despite of this, there was always respect among us.
Myclassmates and specially my friends were very important for me, they taught me what is the tolerance, respect, teamwork, and the most important they taught me what are friendship. My group still live, but...
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