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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Hip Hop is a musical and artistic expression recently has its birth in the late seventies, in the most economically depressed neighborhoods in the city of New York.
As artistic expression has four (4) branches or elements, namely: 1) The master of ceremonies, or MC, is the rapper, hiphoper, the singer tells through his lyrics or letters your message, it loaded a lot of strength denounces thereality of life in neighborhoods, crime, violence of everyday life tapestry. These artists manage to "sing with their hands", hence the rhythm that characterizes a rhythmic movement of arms and hands at the time of the musical.
2) The DJs are those who impose the rhythm, music lyrics, acetate discs handle old-style dishes on the pick-up, or playing hard on a table that has two (2) or"turntable". Mixture of sounds originate rhythms and also create a dissonance in performing the track, dragging disc acetate and exploit the sound of the needle, which is known as "scrath", so are also called "scrather" .
3) The dancers, breakers or breakdancers, the dancers contorting their bodies to the rhythm of music and performing stunts that require physical dexterity of a gymnast.
4) Finally, we have themost renowned graffiti artists are artistically, and have earned a place as an expression of contemporary art in Barcelona International Exhibition of 2004, gave them a mural in which left evidence of their skills and messages . In Caracas, the mayors of the municipalities Chacao and Baruta, grant public spaces such as walls in the vicinity of San Ignacio Mall and the Mall Caurimare,respectively, to print the color of your message, the spray of his art.
Returning to the musical aspect of Hip Hop, the genre was influenced by the sauce and singers, such as Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, the Fania All Stars, Tito Puente, among others.
The music works from the area of ​​instincts in human beings, many young people steeped in the Hip Hop, report that as children listening to thefavorite music of his parents, at family gatherings in their homes and heard salsa They were caught and saved by that rate, which gave them courage and strength to write and sing his pain, his philosophy of asphalt, the history of the cloaca.
After this brief introduction is intended to support and spread the Hip Hop, these lines give us a good picture to address the article, the Hip Hop andmorale, how to understand hip-hop and the message it conveys to those who perceive this valuable art form.
As described his lyrics, claim to have grown up amid violence, restrictions, suffering and need. In many cases survive so much pain took refuge in drugs and crime, which in some cases has been overcome by the call of art or support their families, especially children.
The Hip Hop Youthtransmitted desperate, lost and suffocated in the neighborhoods a message of strength, spontaneity with life and themselves, to fight through adversity, they invite us to say "this is what I am" , in his words "this is my flow."
Hiphoper rapper or a fighter, came to life by himself, with all that anyone can invade or seize, the spirit. Maybe leave the neighborhood, perhaps not to, but nevertheless raisesreconciled with life, with the senses, with art. You will enjoy his wife, his children and those things around you that bring satisfaction to their existence, will not allow a night stop you from living environment, despite the neighborhood will be, despite the pain and suffering life has "its mambo" and he will sing.
They do not sing to feel sorry, do not sing to help them, do not sing for usto go to appreciate them as a social phenomenon or as living proof of the existence of a violent world.
They sing so you know that his excessive force makes fighters, survivors and donors of art that records the greatness of the human spirit, even in the most adverse circumstances and limited existence. Hip Hop is a new morality, a philosophy, a new aesthetic that give rise to a new ethic....