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Complete the table.
Skill is an ability to choose and perform the right techniques at the right time, successfully, regularly and with a minimum of effort. A skill is acquired andtherefore has to be learned and is considered to be a part of a competency Competency
Competency is defined to be and underlying characteristic which differentiates superior performance fromaverage.
Competency consists of three parameters- Knowledge, Attitude and Skills.

Advantages Limitations Characteristics

Participants will achieve competencies required in the performance of theirjobs.
Unless initial training and follow up assistance is provided for the trainers, there is a tendency to
“teach as we were taught” and CBT trainers quickly slip back into the role of thetraditional teacher. Competencies are carefully selected.
Participants build confidence as they succeed in mastering specific competencies. A CBT course is only as effective as the process used toidentify the competencies. When little or no attention is given to identification of the essential job skills, then the resulting training
course is likely to be ineffective. Supporting theory is integratedwith skill practice. Essential knowledge is learned to support the performance of skills.
Participants receive a transcript or list of the competencies they have achieved.
A course may beclassified as competency based, but unless specific CBT materials and training approaches (e.g., learning guides, checklists and coaching) are designed to be used as part of a CBT approach, it is unlikelythat the resulting course will be truly competency-based. Detailed training materials are keyed to the competencies to be achieved and are designed to support the acquisition of knowledge and skills.Training time is used more efficiently and effectively as the trainer is a facilitator of learning as opposed to a provider of information.
Methods of instruction involve mastery learning, the...
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