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Single phase input 200V class Three phase input 200V class Three phase input 400V class





For the Best Results with HF-320 Series inverter, read this manual and all of the warning sign attached to the inverter carefully before installing and operating it, and follow the instructions exactly. Keep this manual handyfor your quick reference. Definitions and Symbols A safety instruction (message) is given with a hazard alert symbol and a signal word; WARNING or CAUTION. Each signal word has the following meaning throughout this manual. This symbol means hazardous high voltage. It used to call your attention to items or operations that could be dangerous to your and other persons operating this equipment. Readthese message and follow these instructions carefully. This is the “Safety Alert Symbol..” This symbol is used to call your attention to items or operations that could be dangerous to your or other persons operating this equipment. Read these messages and follow these instructions carefully. WARNING WARNING Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, can result in seriousinjury or death. CAUTION Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, can result in minor to moderate injury, or serious damage of product. The matters described under CAUTION may, if not avoided, lead to serious results depending on the situation. Important matters are described in CAUTION (as well as WARNING), so be sure to observe them. NOTE: Notes indicate an area orsubject of special merit, emphasizing either the product’s capabilities or common errors in operation or maintenance.



HAZARDOUS HIGH VOLTAGE Motor control equipment and electronic controllers are connected to hazardous line voltages. When servicing drives and electronic controllers, there might be exposed components with cases or protrusions at or above line potential. Extremecare should be taken to protect against shock. Stand on an insulating pad and make it a habit to use only one hand when checking components. Always work with another person in case an emergency occurs. Disconnect power before checking controllers or performing maintenance. Be sure equipment is properly grounded. Wear safety glasses whenever working on an electronic controllers or rotating electricalequipment.


WARNING : This equipment should be installed, adjusted and serviced by qualified electrical maintenance personal familiar with the construction and operation of the equipment and the hazards involved. Failure to observe this precaution could result in bodily injury. WARNING : The user is responsible for ensuring that all driven machinery, drive train mechanismnot supplied by Sumitomo Heavy Industries,Ltd., and process line material are capable of safe operation at an applied frequency of 150% of the maximum selected frequency range to the AC motor. Failure to do so can result in destruction of equipment and injury to personnel should a single point failure occur. WARNING : For protection, install a leak breaker type with a high frequency circuit capableof large currents to avoid an unnecessary operation. The ground fault protection circuit is not designed to protect personal injury. WARNING : HAZARD OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. DISCONNECT INCOMING POWER BEFORE WORKING ON THIS CONTROL. WARNING : SEPARATE MOTOR OVERCURRENT, OVERLOAD AND OVERHEATING PROTECTION IS REQUIRED TO BE PROVIDED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SAFETY CODES REQUIRED BY JURISDICTIONALAUTHORITIES. CAUTION: These instructions should be read and clearly understood before working on HF-320 series equipment. CAUTION: Proper grounds, disconnecting devices and other safety devices and their location are the responsibility of the user and are not provided by Sumitomo Heavy Industries,Ltd. CAUTION: Be sure to connect a motor thermal switch or overload device to the HF-320 series controller...
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