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  • Publicado : 30 de septiembre de 2010
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How could I know that day would change my whole life? Well, I did not know.
All began when I woke up on my bed, like another day in my life, but then I saw the window, the curtainswere open … I got up but something was strange the atmosphere was sad and desolate… I took a shower then I ate my breakfast and finally I went to work… I know, that day was different but I could notsaw what was going on… until I saw a woman in my office, she look like a mother, she said that she loved me, but really I didn’t understood very well… she was coming out but I told her that I lovedher too… those words left my mouth without even thinking…. When she closed the door I sit down in my chair… I closed my eyes and slept…
For a long time I though I slept but when I woke up again, I wasin space, I was wearing a strange cloth… When I was browsing endless sky on my wind ship, I felt a new sensation: with my thought I could transform everything around me. I was a powerful person. Iconverted my wind ship in a water dolphin. Water did not wet. I could to ride on it without having to hold me. I was talking with the dolphin. We could understand perfectly. I asked him why he didn´tneed water to stay alive and why it was from water. He answered “I am your thought, everything you think, I will. You thought that I could be a dolphin made of water sailing in the sky and I am a waterdolphin sailing in the sky. You can become everything around you.”
Then, I felt a real wish to travel around starts, galaxies. Dolphin began to accelerate the speed, followed zigzag path. Iexperienced a wonderful sensation: I had changed the way. The dolphin moved up and down through the infinite.
We were visiting the sun. There were two tunnels. The first had an arch shaped entrance whosebottom formed a splendid exhibition of gray colors. I did not see floor. The way was wind. The second tunnel has square input and the floor was composed with thin and very long lines. On the lines...
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