Nanotechnology and cancer (english)

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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2011
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Key words: Cancer, nanotechnology, treatment, tumors, prevention, therapy, technological innovations, development, applications, diagnostics.

Questions aboutthe research:

Would it be possible to eliminate cancer with the use of Nanotechnology? 
Why is nanotechnology an important tool for cancer research?
What is the promise of nanotechnologyfor cancer detection and therapy?
What has been NCI's experience in funding cancer-related nanotechnology research and development?
What is the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer?Are there any real world examples showing the promise of nanotechnology?
In the fight against cancer, nanotechnology introduces unique opportunities to diagnosis and treatment that could noteven be imagined with conventional technology. New tools engineered at sizes much smaller than a human cell will enable researchers and clinicians to detect cancer earlier, treat it with muchgreater precision and fewer side effects, and possibly stop the disease long before it can do any damage. (From:
The National CancerInstitute is constantly seeking for a cure for cancer, innovating and collaborating with scientists to finally be able to achieve this goal. Moreover, there are many universities andcompanies worldwide working in this area. Maybe the research efforts will result in cancer elimination in a decade or so. The use of nanotechnology in cancer treatment could be determining. Forexample, the possibility of destroying cancer tumors with minimal damage to health using nanorobots and other kind of nanoparticles, or also the detection and elimination of cancer cells before theyform tumors. One thing is for sure, nanotechnology is going to be really determining in a nearly future, will it cure some of the most dangerous diseases like cancer? Hopefully it will.
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