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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2012
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Preparatoria Mixta Lomas del Valle UAG


Teacher: Adriana Rodríguez



Ricardo Gomez

Group: 6010

January 2012


In the worldwe have different weathers and in consequence we have a diversity of ecosystems. Each of these are important, because they have their own balance and help the Earth. Unfortunately a few decades agopeople started exploiting the green areas of the continents; they thought there would be no consequences, and that it would be everything fine, no matter what they do.

Years ago we started noticingthe damage we did. Polluted air, respiratory illnesses, erosion, endangered animals, etc.

It’s important to know about the green areas in our country and try to keep them protected. Maybe it’s noteasy for businesses to use different processes, but we should do our best to keep our beautiful natural areas.

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Sayula is a town and municipality in the Mexican stateof Jalisco, approximately 100 kilometers south of Guadalajara. It is surrounded by smaller towns, such as Usmajac, San Andres, El Reparo, and Amacueca.

It is the second biggest municipality andthe most important from Jalisco.


Latitude/Breadth: 19°52'12"N (19.8666700°)

Longitude/Length: 103°37'12"W (-103.6166700°)

Sayula is a traditional Mexican town. Its population isapproximately 45,755.

His Indian name was TZAULAN or Zaule which means "place of flies." It is located next to the salty lake is now known by the name of the municipality, which coincides with the notionthat the region was, before the Conquest, partially flooded, forming an important hydraulic vessel.


Located northwest of town most of flat land, in the south are the hills and theCapulin Ixcapil the Papantón, the Tacista Guajes with heights of 2000 meters; on the west near the headwaters of the hill are the Cat and Prieto with height of1800 meters, and adjacent to the...
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