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Political leaders committed to radical or extremist goals often exert authoritarian control in the name of higher values.” Support or refute this statement with reference to the political andcultural policies of Robespierre during the French revolution.
Often throughout history, there have been political leaders who have constantly sought an end that would justify the means. This holdsentirely too true to Robespierre and his Reign of Terror. Robespierre saw his actions were in protection of the French Revolution; anyone who stood in his way, or was even had an idea that was not in favorof the revolution, was seen as a threat to the revolution and was to be silenced immediately. He exerted his power and control to subdue the French population by ruling absolutely and not allowingthe people any role in the government through control of the military, justice and press.
Through the use of mass conscription, or “Levée en Masse”, in August of 1793, Robespierre and the Committee ofPublic Safety were able to form a monstrous army of nearly 800,000 that would be trained and ready to fight within a year. This army would go unmatched by any European adversary of the time, not onlykeeping France intact, but distracting it and somewhat uniting the people to a common cause. It was also used to prevent the people from rising up against the revolution.
Robespierre also implementedthe Committee of Public Safety to ensure a swift and unforgiving law and order. Though it is what will eventually be his demise, Robespierre used fear through swift punishment of anyone who was notentirely in support or was of any hindrance to the revolution, by imprisonment, use of the guillotine and drowning.
To question the revolution was to be an enemy of it and the state, andto attempt to rise up against the movement guaranteed swift military action and punishment. Robespierre ensured that the new French Republican Calendar was always to be used, nothing religious was...
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