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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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This film is about a young man named Alex who along with three other boys were engaged in acts of violence, for them it was all fun and saw it as a game soon or later, he isgoing to be in problems, the personalities of these young people were different but at the end they wanted to cause chaos. There are many people that as the main character in this film, they showviolent behavior that arises from a series of childhood traumas or any other stage of life that one time and emerging exploits a series of violent acts, perhaps this happened with Alex.

Alex andhis friends represent the youth who feels rejected and isolated from an adult world. Given this fact, take refuge in an offensive attitude, tried to take control of that way of life that looks funny.His quest to find fun, and try to "clean up" their lives of beings who considered dirty and clogged with the wild rhythm of their existence.

the film gives an account of serious moral conflicts,which affect mainly young people and realize a society where violence and lack of moral values and ethical principles primary will overwrite all restraint and excess, without anyone to care about the painof those who are victims of ruthless action of those who are perpetrators of violence and also themselves victims of it.

something very interesting about this movie is the method that they use tocure alex when he is at the hospital, I think that it is a good idea to change the human behavior. But it is dangerous because they used a drug that caused him vomit and desire to die.
Then he wasforced to watch movies with violent
and sexual scenes that incited to associate those feelings undesirable to what he saw. This procedure was repeated for two weeks, and Alex was in a conditionedstimulus linked to a conditioned response.

According to Skinner, the most important of psychology and behavior was more specific behavior. This film is not intended to show violence, but through...
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