Narrative tenses

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Exercise 1
Read the following article, choose the best verb forms to complete the text and the best headline.
Artist Mark McGowan (1) said/had said that he (2) wasexpecting/had expected his exhibition ‘The running tap’ at the House Gallery in south-east London, to close in the next few days.
The exhibition (3) started/was starting one month ago when Mark (4) opened/wasopening a tap in the kitchen area of the gallery and (5) left/had left it running. McGowan (6) intended/had intended to leave the tap running for a year, but after receiving a letter from the TimesWater Authority, the gallery owners (7) were thinking/had thought about shutting the exhibition down. The exhibition (8) was waiting/has wasted over 700 litres of water every hour, and over half a millionlitres (9) were already/had already been used.
McGowan (10) was designing/had designed his artwork to draw attention to the way that people waste water.

Exercise 2
Put the verb in brackets intothe past simple, past continuous or past perfect. Sometimes more than one tense is possible.
I (1) ___________ (walk) home yesterday when I (2) ___________ (see) a group of people in front of thechurch. They (3) _______________ (laugh) and one man with a video camera (4) ______________ (film) something, so I (5) ___________ (go) to have a closer look. Three people (6) ___________ (hold) longsticks and they seemed to be attacking a traffic warden!
The man with the video camera (7) ____________ (notice) the look of horror on my face. He (8) ___________ (come) over to me and (9) ____________(explain) that it was a piece of performance art. The traffic warden was really an artist called Mark McGowan, who (10) _____________ (dress) up in a warden’s uniform. He (11) ______________(advertise) the event on a website, inviting people to come along and hit him with wooden sticks.

Exercise 3
1. While I ________ (play) football I _____ (hurt) my leg. However, until I_______ (see) a...
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