National police panama

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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2011
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Universidad Latina de Panamá
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Law and Political Science

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Enrique Sterling Trotman

Edwin F. Flores González
ID: 8-751-1388

February, 10th, 2011


National Police Panama

The National Police of Panama is an armed body of a civiliannature, under the Ministry of Public Security, responsible for maintaining public order and ensure nationwide. It was legally established by Law No. 18 of June 3, 1997.

The National Police of Panama and the Naval Service, the National Border Service (SENAFRONT) and the Institutional Protection Service (SPI) make the security forces. The National Police of Panama is subordinated directly to thePresident through the Minister of Public Security since 2010.

The hotline of the National Police of Panama is 104 and is free of charge nationwide. By dialing 104 from a landline residential, commercial or public telephone call is received at the police station closest to the origin of the same, those which were made from cell phones are received in the Department of Telematics wherein located thetelephone and police units who work there send reports or transfer calls as appropriate


We guarantee the safety of those in the country, promoting peace through community partnership, efficiency and effectiveness in the police service, to improve the quality of life under the existing legal framework.


Being cutting edge security institution, in the ongoingprofessional development and integration technology with society to achieve peaceful coexistence.


Porte Discipline Overcoming
Value Sacrifice Abnegation
Honor Diligence Impartiality
respect Honesty Responsibility
Loyalty Morality Professionalism
Courtesy Vocation of service Discretion
Efficiency and Effectiveness ToleranceDignity

Historical Review

National Police

Since 1903, the separation from Colombia, Panama is an independent republic and sovereign state. Its first president, Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrero, under pressure from the U.S. consul and merchant class, was to dissolve the national army and surrender their weapons to the U.S. military. With the few officers who remained on active duty, he formed aMilitary Police limited functions and have little deterrent.

Coto crisis like in 1921, found armed body practically defenseless, and they were not but thanks to the leadership qualities of Porras and patriotism of the Panamanian population is organized so that, in support of their forces, come to the border with Costa Rica in defense of its territory.

The great global economic crisis in Panamain 1929 caused a series of alterations in its public and private life, even to reduce its police force to just 200 members. This facilitated their barracks were looted and destroyed documentation by groups led by some politicians of the time.

In 1935, Colonel Manuel Pino completely restructured the National Police, providing a solid and stable frame, getting discipline the country, giving it amystical men who make up the units, and even to achieve a budget for the National Police.

In 1947 he assumed the leadership of the National Police Colonel Jose Antonio Remon Cantera, who with patriotism and very effectively put order in the country. He was subsequently elected President of the Republic, and its period was enacted Law No. 44 of December 28, 1953, which changes from NationalGuard national police, proceeding to structure a plan of modernization and greater professionalism for its members, included sending many officers to specialize abroad.

On January 2, 1955, Remon Cantera was killed as part of a political conspiracy, and the Chief of National Guard general was appointed Bolivar Vallarino.

On October 11, 1968, the National Guard staged a coup against the newly...
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