Nativos americanos

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Native American Education.

The Amerindians of the United States, also known locally as Native American are the Amerindian race ethnicities living in the United States who speak Indian languages,characterized by its diversity and number.

The territory inhabited by Native Americans can be divided into eight zones or cultural areas, characterized by its habitat.

Occupies thesoutheastern United States (the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and part of Texas. It is characterized by its highcultural development, strongly influenced by the Mexicans, since many live in cities and have a highly stratified society.
In this area have found traces of highly developed indigenous cultures as Cahokiamounds or culture of so-called Mount Builders. Many of them would be moved en masse to Oklahoma in the mid-nineteenth century.
South West:
Takes the southwestern United States the states of Arizona,New Mexico, and part of Texas). Set in the desert and along the banks of the Colorado River, about 57 tribal groups. Inhabitants of these areas were dedicated to farming, practiced other prey, suchas apache, and the rest practicing subsistence agriculture in the oases of the deserts, such as the Tarahumara, and others.
Great Plains:
Dealing the central plains of the U.S. and southern Canadaand parts of Texas. The tribes of the area were dedicated to hunting buffalo and living in a typical house called tipi, while those of the South had an agrarian culture carried.
Takes thehighlands located in the states of Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. It is a semi-desert zone where most of the tribes engaged in the collection of roots and wild plants, although there are some withinfluence of the tribes of the plains. The others, such as Modoc, are more influenced by the culture of the tribes of California.

Takes the current state of California. Are a crowd of...