Natural disaster prevention, based on network monitoring

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Prevenci´n de desastres naturales, basado en la monitorizaci´n de la red o o



REDES Y TELECOMUNICACIONES I 01/ 2012. Escuela de Sistemas. Facultad de Minas. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Abstract-this paper deals with a natural disaster management system based onlocation aware distributed sensor networks. Using a 5 step process, we propose a method to prevent and, if the case is, act in the shortest time possible to save the most quantity of lives possible. ´ Resumen-Este art´ ıculo se refiere a un sistema de de manejo de desastres naturales basado en reconocimiento de ubicaci´n de redes de sensores distribuidos. o El uso de un proceso de 5 pasos, se proponeun m´todo para prevenir y, si es el e caso, actuar en el menor tiempo posible para salvar la mayor cantidad de vidas posibles Key Words-Zoning;database study;GPS localization,network;real-time action;devices. Palabras Clave-Zonificaci´n;Estudio de o bases de datos;Localizaci´n GPS;Red;Acci´n o o en tiempo real;Equipos. I. Introduction Natural Disasters can occur at any time, but quick reaction cansave several lives, with this and by monitoring the most high-risk zones, the reaction can be quicker, and also we need a good evaluation of the situation, for the rescue and the decision-making stage. The development of the information technology provides people with many new methods to mo-

nitor and evaluate the situation of a disaster, which includes Database technology (DT), Early WarningSystem, Remote Sensing(RS), GPS technology, Networks and Actions. One of the major advances in the field of surveillance technology is the deployment of distributed sensor networks. This has provided a means to monitor areas which are either unreachable or hostile to human existence and as a wat to comeback the early warning systems are created and aplicated to alert the relevant changes that couldunchain a natural disaster. II. State of the art. This proposal could resemble a work done by FY-1 Meteorological Satellite of China, and NOAA series of meteorological satellites of US. And EOS / MODIS Satellite of US are currently used for forest fire monitoring [referencia a un articulo]. In our case, with a image recognition software, the disasters could be viewed in real time, and this couldmake the difference between live and dead. III. Proposed Solution As we saw on different articles, the internet or the networks can?t work alone in order to prevent disasters, it?s a part of a whole infrastructure of devices combined. This work can be done by multiple devices, starting with a deep database study, searching for the highrisk areas and the extremely dangerous areas,

then, if it?spossible, create some kind of device integrated with 4lte technology, which can do a monitoring job in the areas detected as the most dangerous ones by the database study, preventing the disasters, and sending constant informs that contains detailed information of various parameters associated with natural disasters, like the velocity of the wind, in case of hurricanes or cyclones, the latitude, thelongitude, the elevation, the humidity, the temperature if the case could be a forest fire and so on. Also, establish a method between the devices to communicate themselves and, if one of them does not pin it would mean that something could be wrong. But in the action process the networks can do a good job informing the respective authorities. 1. Data bases studies. This study could be veryimportant to prevent the disasters, measuring the different zones in which had occurred disasters and it?s a recurring thing in the zone. Based on the result of the studies, the location of the disaster attention centers could be modified. 2. Early Warning System. Early warning systems arise from the need of society to prevent natural disasters and try to save as many lives as possible in case a disaster...
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