Natural teaching

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This essay seeks to question some of our perceptions about children, learning, teaching and teachers.

The philosopher Socrates tookthe view that giving the problem correctly was the teacher’s job (teaching) and analysing the question and reasoning out the answer was the students´ job (learning).

The human mind is very weakcompared to the human brain and we have learned with the brain, not with the mind. That’s to say, when the student is conscious of what it is learning, that learning is probably much less effective.

Achild has a pre-programmed ability to learn analytically. The teacher has to guide and feed that learning using that natural ability of the child. The teacher must be the principal tool, not books.We are pre-programmed to use language and to teach its use; we would do it without thinking.

Children did not want to learn the language; the language is only a quick way of satisfying a need; forexample, to ask for a biscuit. A language has to be teached not studied. Many adults remember that what they did in language class was boring and pointless, except the reading and writing.

A goodactivity in class would be give plasticine to the children if they respect some rules and conditions indicated for the teacher. The teacher manipulates the situation to create a need in a child whichcan then be satisfied if that child use language correctly. If that child uses language to satisfy a need, its brain will learn that language because it’s more efficient to learn it and to have it readyto use than to be taught each time.


In my opinion, this kind of learning is a good idea for the children learn a language in an effective and funny way.
The teaching throughthe natural learning supposes that the teacher should be the main tool of the child, not the textbook.

I think that, the fact of propelling the natural ability of children, by means of activities...
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