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As its name suggests, the territory of the country consists of lowlands that approximately one-third are located at sea level or below it.

This consists of 12 provinces• (s-Hertogenbosch)
• Limburgo (Limburg) - Mastrique (Maastricht) Groninga (Groningen) - Groninga (Groningen)
• Frisia (Friesland) - Leeuwarden
• Drente (Drenthe) - Assen
• Overijssel- Zwolle
• Güeldres (Gelderland) - Arnhem
• Utrecht - Utrecht
• Flevolanda (Flevoland) - Lelystad
• Holanda Septentrional (Noord-Holland) - Haarlem
• Holanda Meridional(Zuid-Holland) - La Haya (Den Haag)
• Zelanda (Zeeland) - Midelburgo (Middelburg)
• Brabante Septentrional (Noord-Brabant) - Bolduque

The Netherlands is one of the largest and mostdeveloped economies in the world
The economy is notable for its high degree of competitiveness, ranking eighth in the global table. Trade accounts for over 80% of its GDP (GROSS DOMESTICPRODUCT) and if you add imports and exports.
Erasmus of Rotterdam in the Netherlands was the best painters
Culture for them was nothing but paint

Netherlands ischaracterized by eating large quantities of bread and potatoes. It is very popular round toast spread with butter: the beschuit,
One of the important sports in the country is cycling.Jan Janssen and Joop Zoetemelk are the only Dutch have won the traditional Tour de France, and winning the UCI Road World Championships and Olympic Games
THE OTHER INFORMATIONNetherlands produces 88% of all tulips in the world with an area of 10,800 hectares.your name is Keukenhof

because of the scarcity of land and its full exploitation, naturalvegetation areas are very limited.
Netherlands has 540.840km
The Netherlands has a population of more than 16 million inhabitants, with an average density of 452 inhabitants per km ².
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