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ELL101 FI 2010 - INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE ELA Department, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY NAME: ____________________________

HOMEWORK 1: PHONETICS Michele de Goeas-Malone % CORRECT =

PROBLEMI: FILL IN THE BLANKS (11 POINTS) INSTRUCTIONS: Given the context of the paragraph, fill in each blank in the paragraph using the words listed in the Box 1. For example, the first missing word isvoicing, which has been filled in for you and crossed off in the box. Note that some words are given twice in Box 1. Box 1 voicing manner voiceless vocal folds glottis oral cavity voiced articulatorsairstream place voicing manner

The three features used to describe consonants are voicing, __________ of articulation, and __________ of articulation. __________ refers to the states of the__________, the space between the vocal folds (cords). __________ sounds are produced when the __________ are close together so that the air pushing through the vocal folds causes them to vibrate.__________ sounds are produced with the vocal folds spread apart so the air flows freely between them so there is no vibration. Place of articulation refers to the __________ involved in making a speech soundand __________ of articulation refers to how and where the __________ is constricted in the ____________. PROBLEM II: PLACE OF ARTICULATION (6 POINTS)
  INSTRUCTIONS: For each place ofarticulation listed in 2-7, using the numbers in the chart in Figure 1 and italicized below, indicate the corresponding articulators. For example, in (1) the place of articulation listed is dental so thearticulators involved are the teeth and the tongue, which are represented by the numbers 12 and 10 respectively. Use the following numbers for the articulators missing in the chart: 11 = lips and 12= teeth. Figure 1 Place 1. Dental 2. Alveolar 3. Bilabial 4. 5. 6. 7. Palatal Glottal Labiodental Velar Articulators 12 and 10

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