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1.- Earth spins on a tilt as it circles the sun. In July the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun making it warmer. In December the northern hemisphere is cold because it is tiltedaway from the sun.
2.- The northeast coast has some harbors that make it one of the busiest regions. The harbor in Boston is the major one in the areas a good way to transport and trade goods.
3.-The Appalachian mountain, the fall line.
4.- Because they went to seek freedom to practice their religions. They also want to have land to grow to have a new way of life.
Differences-transportation, working conditions, sports were less common, kids daily life, battle ship, weapons, houses, clothes.
Similarities: The families structures, the language, the farms, the relations between thepeople who lives in the place, the government.

1.-the Mississippi river is a good source of transportation in the united states of America because it goes thru a few states and is themain way of transportation of goods in the area.
2.- Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana , Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa. They all cancommunicate and trade thru the Mississippi river.
3.- A barge can transport a bigger amount of goods as once if we compare with other ways of transportation like the containers, airplanes and thetrucks.
4.- Cash crops are all those grows that are used for commercial porpoises. In the south east region the most famous cash corp are oranges.
5.- Because the climate is better for permanent growsthan other regions in United States.

* Economy: The way a country uses or produces natural resources, goods and services.
* Harbor: Place were ships arrived to load and unloadgoods.
* Bay: Internal portion of water where harbors are located.
* Import: To bring goods into the country from other countries.
* Export: To send goods to other countries.
* Port:...
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