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jg jg jg jg ft fu fu d er sr ea we x dxy cy xy ds yu oi ug h adj ad fg er f ged Literary figures are unconventional ways of using words, so that, although used with their usual meanings (a pointthat the difference of tropes), accompanied by some specific phonic, grammatical or semantic, that take them away from that use usual so that ultimately prove particularly expressive. Because of this,their use is characteristic, though by no means exclusive, literary works.
In colloquial, is also the name of literary, stylistic devices, rhetorical figures of speech, figures of speech, etc.
Thefigures, together with the tropes, are within the scope of rhetoric a basic formant rhetorical ornatus, the main constituent of the elocutio.
Literary figures are divided into two groups: figures ofspeech and figures of thought.
levels of literary analysis
novel structure:
Is a long story in prose which intertwines several stories that relate to each other.
-Create your own narrative world-Every novel is fiction
-The novel is opposed to history
-The novel has a strong burden connotative
-Manage multiple simultaneous stories has many characters
-physically and psychologicallycharacterized protagonists and antagonists
The story
It's a relatively short story, which presents a narrative world that revolves around a single event or major event. Usually, it involved a fewcharacters, related in a straightforward manner with the central event.
-It is a narrative account of something.
-It's a fake story in whole or in part, is fiction or literary invention, but may rely onfacts or that have happened in reality and that even are part of the actual experience of the author.
-Is creation of a written self, who does get the reader through the narrator.
-Short or short, takesplace in a few pages.
-Tends to produce a single effect on the reader, the author is interested in a theme and not making the minor issues that the narrative might suggest.
-Configuring the...
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