Not all immigrants jump the border

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Not all immigrants jump the border
Nowadays there is plenty of controversy about non-residents arriving to America. Citizens believe that immigration brings crime and violence to the cities; illegalimmigrants are constantly portrait as Mexicans packed in trucks, or crossing the United-states – Mexico border.
Not every case of Hispanic immigration is the same and the perception that it is needsto be change. For those that immigrate do not see leaving their countries as a rejection of their own culture but more as a search of opportunities, they desire nothing but a chance to work and havea good quality of life.
Arriving to the United States is a long adaptation process and becoming legal is extremely expensive. Putting together paperwork for any type of visa is costly, paying lawyersand fees for political asylum status is not very affordable and finally a non-citizen seeking a green card will need and sponsor, in general the cost will be approximately be between $6.500 - $8.500dollars; when hiring legal representation the cost can go up to $20.000 dollars. This money is upfront so there are no paying options or alternatives.
History shows that American territory waspopulated by different immigrations and United States nowadays is one of the most diverse countries in the world. One will assume that the level of tolerance between ethnicities is elevated. AlthoughEuropean and Asian are welcome to this country with acceptance for their differences, the recognition of their culture works different from Hispanic cultures. Latin American population is perceived aslower class and it is met with hatred and discrimination.
Not all short, dark brown hair, tanned skin, speaks Spanish and likes rice with beans is a “Mexican” this is a misconception. South and CentralAmericans have indigenous roots; more than fifteen regions have the same heritage. Phillip Rodriguez a popular filmmaker, on a CNN interview addressed this issue “Latinos very often don't share...
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