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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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Welcome to paradise!!
“I was a lonely soul I had nobody till I met you” I have loved Green Day since I was 12, I’ve passed from pink to punk because them. I love every song, allthe things they do, I listen to them everytime, I canceled my facebook account because BJ said so, They thought me “how to live in the street of shame” My life turns around theirsongs, I play guitar because of them, I’m a Green Day disciple.

2 days before the concert. I had a ticket to see Green Day but I wasn’t allow to go. I packet my bag and early Itook a bus to the Polo Club, I didn’t know where exactly I was going, it wasn’t in my town but anyway I had to get there.

I don’t know from where I got the courage to escapefrom home, and travel alone. All I remember is that I was so excited like never before, and a little worried about my mom; She was going to kill me!!. Later I got at Polo Club.There were a guy, a Green Day fan,(I was the second person to get there). So I spent the rest of the day with him, he was nice and kind.
Night feelt the sky and the place was sofreezing, we didn’t brought there camping or something to sleep, so night was going to be long and cold. Then, more gd fans arrived we would spend all night long with them, around a fire*,and singing Green Day songs. It was really beautiful to share feelings and stories with unknown people.
The floor was a mess, it was all full of barro* and we could’nt even sitor try to rest, we spent all night long stand up.
10/10/10 (such a perfect number) 4:00 am I was fucking tired!! I needed to sleep and I was hungry!! Last night I didn’t sleptbecause I was making a flag to bring at the gig.(so there were 2 nights with opened eyes). All we looked like zoombies, weather was a shit and it would begin to rain. It was really...
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