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  • Publicado : 5 de mayo de 2011
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"The Internment Begins"
by: Mateo Correa
Yesterday, nearly 2000 people were interned, by the force, without any trail, by the British Troops on Belfast and Armagh , in a bid toprevent further attacks to the "Protestan army"

Yesterday, tuesday August 7, 1971 the British troops arrested over 2000 Northern Ireland residents apparently without any trail and by theforce. These people weren´t protesting or doing something that would be considered wrong, it looks like they were just walking on the streets according to the information given by ourjournalist, Albert McCoy. There are rumors that all the captured people will be excecuted or held in jail until the end of this conflict. We have information that says that, the violentprotests already started here, in Belfast and there in Armagh. We´ve interviewed some British policemen that were that were arresting people yesterday. We asked them "Why were you arrestingNorthern Ireland residents yesterday?". We asked the same question to many of them but almost all the interviewed policemen answered "Because by doing this, we are preventing furtherproblems, also it was an order from our superiors"

We also asked some British and Irish, civilians opinions. The "interviewed" British people said that they really don´t care about howthey treat or what they do to the Irish people that since yesterday is in jail. Although the interviewed Irish people had a very different perspective about this trouble."They can´t dothis, this is the worst desition the Britains have ever made, they can´t do this, they can´t" said one of the Irish civilians that apparently was part of the I.R.A.

This situation issimilar to what happened with the jews in Germany at the Second World War. When the Germans captured apparently without any reason millions of jews forcing them to work without any pay.
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