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Count and noncount nouns
* Count nouns refer to people or things that can be counted. (cosas que se pueden contar y tenerlas en las manos)
Ex:one desk, three desks, four animals, woman.
* Noncount refer to general things such qualities, substances, or topics. (cosas que no se pueden tener en la mano o contar)
Ex: food, air,intelligence, money.

Quantifiers are words that indicated an amount or a quantity of a noun. (Indican cantidad)

* Plural count and noncount nouns: all, any, lots of, most, some, a lot of,enough, more and plenty of.
* Only with non count nouns: A little and much
* Only with plurals count nouns: Both, many, a few and several.
* Only with singular count nouns: Another, eachand every.

Irregular Plurals
* Some nouns form their plurals with a vowel change or a ending change.
a) Foot –Feet
b) Goose – Geese
c) Tooth – Teeth
d) Mouse – Mice
e) Louse – Lice
f)Man – Men
g) Woman – Women

* Some nouns form their plurals by changing a consonant before adding S or ES
a) Wolf – Wolves
b) Leaf – Leaves
c) Wife – Wives
d) Knife – Knives

* Somenouns form their plurals by adding an ending
a) Child – Children
b) Ox – Oxen (buey)

* Some nouns have the same plural and singular form
a) Bison
b) Salmon
c) Deer
d) Corps
e) Series
Collective Nouns
Collective nouns are used to describe a group of the same things.
a) Group: Group of people (small)
b) Crowd: A crowd of people ( large number)People
c) Gang: A gang of thieves (negative)

d) A Flock : Sheep (rebaño)
Birds (bandada)

e) A Herd of: Elephants

f) A School of fish (cardumen)
g) A Swarm of insects: Beens
h) A Pack of: Dogs

i) A Team of: Players

j) A crew...
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