Nursery and childcare services in inditex

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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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2nd of March 2012
Pablo Máiz Fátima Sánchez Cecilia Máiz Iago Vicente

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The idea:
Our business idea consists on opening a nursery service in the facilitiesthat Inditex has on his headquarters in Arteixo A Coruña. Opening nursery services in the companies is a growing tendency in our sector. We find many examples of companies that already follow this model with successful results. We have verified that Inditex have all the characteristics (in terms of location, size, number of employees, facilities…) that are necessary to make our idea a success andat the moment the company does not have this type of service. Moreover in case that the idea comes to be a success we have the possibility to expand the nurseries to other Inditex Group factories or to other companies.
2. Location:
We have decided to set up our nursery in Arteixo (Coruña) where is located the headquarters of Zara, because of the large number of employees working there,whose majority are women in the supply chain that prefer have their children near of the workplace, to see them in their leisure time.
Another important reason is that, because the area is close to A Coruña, it becomes easier the task of collecting the data necessary and achieving results earlier, even talking directly with the appropriate personnel of Inditex if necessary.
In addition, thepurpose is to use Zara’s available facilities to establish the nursery there, which would offer a comfortable and pleasant environment to the children, which constitutes an important advantage of location as well as the amount of money saved for not having to acquire or rent any other commercial local.

3. Resources:
The resources that our company needs to start his activity are divided inthree main types: human, financial and facilities.
-Human: We need to contract some people to work with children. The number depends on the number of kids. We require personnel with a three year degree to work for us.
-Facilities: We need a big initial investment in order to build or adapt the facilities. Inditex maybe can provide us existing with facilities that are not used now. In this case thecost will be decreased.
- Financial: We need a considerable sum of capital to start our activity. We can get it through different sources. One source can be that Inditex invest on our company as a shareholder. The other option is go to the banks and credit institutions to obtain credit. The fact that we work for a company so important like Inditex make the banks more favorable to grant a loan,credit and other financial services that we need.

4. Advantages and disadvantages:

- For enterprises:
* Less absenteeism
* Less personnel rotation
* Increased staff productivity
* Better brand image
These benefits help companies recruit people who are willing to spend most all of their time at work. Due to common nurseries’ schedules parents are obliged to ask for areduction on their working hours involving as well a reduction on their salaries.
The idea of the implementation of this service is that workers’ family and work lives can become compatible for many professionals, so therefore less replacement staff will be needed to cover vacancies from personal matters.
Companies want to create both an appealing environment to attract and retain employees andmake them feel like they belong to the company they work for, increasing therefore productivity and commitment. Worries like childcare during the week, distract employees at the workplace. The key worry for an organization is to know how to motivate or engage workers to the company which normally is translated into an increase on productivity.
For a company introducing a childcare service...
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