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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2011
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Barack Obama was born august 4 of 1961. At the age of 22 he graduated from Columbia University, afterwards he graduated from Harvard University. He started teaching law in the University of ChicagoLaw School until he became a part of the Illinois Senate; then, he won in 2004 the election to become the United States Senator for Illinois and in 2008 he won the general election, he defeatedRepublican nominee John McCain and was inaugurated as the 44 president of the united states on January 20, 2009. In this essay I will give my opinion of what he has done so far.
When he assumes thepresidency on January 21st 2009, the US was facing an economic disaster. Banks like the Stanford had collapsed, bank credit had shut down, the prices on the housing markets reached their lower levels, butstill few were avail to afford them and American companies were struggling for survival. Millions of Americans were losing their homes and their jobs as massive lay-offs accelerated. So, he had to takeimmediate reaction to the economic disaster he inhered; therefore, he made a stimulus package, passed by Congress in only two months, it kept millions of Americans from losing their jobs and put manymore back to work, and also protected unemployed from further harm. Some say the Recovery Act has been highly successful, putting $3 in private investment for every $1 of public spending. But asalways there are two sides to every story one republican called the president's agenda "job-killing". Another said he "was like a teenager with a credit card" spending the money of the country.Ironically, the critics that the administration is bad for business often come from the beneficiaries of Mr Obama's risky actions to stabilize the economy. In his speech on Tuesday he called for economies likechina to make a two way treaty pack with the US, and he propose a plan for incising jobs.
On another topic Education, he assures that educating children is one of the most urgent obstacles the US...
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