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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2011
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Obesity in America
Why is obesity a social issue in America? It affects a majority of our population and causes health problems. According to the National Health Nutrition surveys, approximately68% of adults are obese and seventy five million of Americans are considered obese. In addition, childhood obesity rates are on the rise. Children have become heavier in the past 30 years; childhoodobesity has more than doubled among children ages two to five, it has tripled among youth ages six to eleven, and more than tripled among adolescence ages twelve to nineteen. Recent studies state thatchildhood obesity is affecting more minorities, including Black and Hispanics. Obesity health risk in adults is linked to heart disease, type-two diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers and otherchronic conditions. Also, its good to point out that obese children are at a high risk of being overweight as adult as well.
In a recent study 58% of children diagnosed with type-two diabetes areobese, due to fast food restaurants; foods containing high amounts of substance such as preservatives and Trans fats. These are all contributor factors of childhood obesity. Furthermore, familiesworking longer hours are not able to cook healthy meals due to their busy schedule, therefore, they settle for the easiest way to feed their children.

Advertisers are preying on Americans byadvertising their unhealthy products without warning about the content and risk from digestion. For example, one of the ingredients in soda is high fructose; sometimes called corn sugar, is a popularadditive to soda and fruit flavor drinks. They are used in high portions mostly in processed food and beverages. High fructose is linked to weight gain and can boost to heart attack risk. It alsoincreases the fat in the core area of the body. Another additive included in fast food is Monosodium Glutamate or MSG, they can damage neurons in the brain; this substance stimulates neurons in the brain,...