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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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Irina Catano
November 28, 2011
Intro. Cause and Effect
Pg. 109 Topic 3
Cause of obesity
The degree of risk therefore because of obesity depends on the amount of fat in your body. Most peoplehave been fighting with being overweight. People suffering from eating disorder, the eating may involve different feelings. Intense fear of gaining weight, constant thoughts about food and consequencesof eating becomes an obsession for those suffering from obesity. People, who are overweight, are at risk of having emotional and physical issues. Besides, being overweight and obesity involve greaterspending on health, discrimination lawsuits and lower productivity. Obesity may as well be due to lack of activity, as happens in the sedentary or bedridden. Others causes could be obesity-relateddiseases, poor eating habits, and stress.
Obese people can eat the same thing a normal person, but normal people do burn energy and digestion faster than obese people do. These are some of theobesity-related diseases such as diabetes, gallbladder problems, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and arthritis. Diabetes results from the alteration of the carbohydrates into the blood and the urine.Besides the life expectancy of obese decreases with being overweight, this means fewer years of life. Prostate and colon cancer in the men, and cervical and breast cancer in the women is related toobesity. Being overweight negatively affects health and a good quality of life. People overweight can do a good diet and try going to the gym.
Bad eating habits are causes of overweight. The habits are aroutine is something that people made every day and eat every day. Something lack knowledge is the cause of many of the problems they suffer power. Poor eating habits have much to do with how they ashealth largely depend, what they eat, and how they eat. Fast food restaurants generally do not give food that it is with all nutritious and healthy. Fast food restaurant with a large amount of...
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