Objetivos de aprendizaje

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Learning Objectives

1.Identify the purposes of evaluation research.
A:Evaluation research is a form of applied research that studies the effects of social interventions.

2.Define andillustrate needs assessment, cost-benefit, and monitoring studies.
A: Needs assessment: Studies that aim to determine the existence and extent of problems, typically among a segment of the population, suchas the elderly.
Cost-benefit: Studies that determine whether the results of a program can be justified by its expense (both financially and other).
Monitoring studies: Studies that provide asteady flow of information about something of interest, such as crime rates or the outbreak of an epidemic.

3.Identify three factors influencing the growth of evaluation research.
A: 1) Socialresearchers increasing desire to make a difference in the world. 2) An increase in federal requirements that program evaluations must accompany the implementation of new programs. 3) Availability ofresearch funds to fulfill those requirements.

4.Define and illustrate social intervention.
A: Is an action taken within a social context for the purpose of producing some intended result.5.Describe why it is important to identify the purpose of an intervention.
A: It gives you the intended result of the intervention.

6.Define and illustrate the outcome (or response) variable.
A: If asocial program is intended to accomplish something, we must be able to measure that something.

7.Give three examples of experimental contexts that may influence specific evaluation researchstudies.
A:1) Training of unskilled people 2)After school activities for inner-city kids 3) Prison rehabilitee programs

8.Describe two problems with specifying interventions.
A: 1)Relevant outcomes 2)Assigning subjects to proper group

9.Explain why it is important to define the population of possible subjects for whom the program is appropriate.
10.Compare the two options for measuring...
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