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.com - Food List - (OK Foods)
OK foods (unlimited) Green --- Limit foods Orange --- Avoid foods Red


Artichoke Arugula Asparagus Bamboo shoots Beet greens Bok choy Broccoli Brussel sprouts Burdock root Cabbage Carrots~ raw(organic) Cauliflower Celeriac Celery (organic) Chives Collard greens Chard Cucumber Dandelion greens Endive Escarole Fennel Garlic Jicama Kale Kohlrabi LeeksLettuces Mustard greens Okra Onions (organic) Parsley Radishes Rutabaga Scallions Shallots Spaghetti squash Spinach (organic) Sprouts (mould-free) Shiitake mushrooms~fresh (cooked) Swiss chard Turnips Watercress Yellow Squash (low starch) Zucchini (allergenic, use only in rotation and only if tolerated) Bell peppers Cayenne Chili pepper Eggplant Ground Cherry Pepino Paprika Pimento Tomato TomatilloFruit

(if tolerated, use in rotation) Avocado Lemons or Limes (organic) Cranberries (sugar & sulphite-free) Antelope Beef Buffalo Chicken Cornish hen Duck Goose Game birds Lamb Rabbit Veal Venison Other natural meats Chicken eggs: (Organic. Cautioneggs can be allergenic ,use in rotation if tolerated) Goose, Pheasant, Turkey eggs (organic)

Nuts & Seeds (soaked or sprouted)
(Ideallypurchase refrigerated from store with high turnover) Almonds -raw Brazil nuts Filberts Macadamia nuts Pine nuts Seeds: Pumpkin Sesame Sunflower Hemp seeds- (shelled) (Use sparingly to avoid excess mucous production) Almond Macadamia Hemp nut Pumpkin seed Sesame (tahini) Sunflower

Organic Meat, Fish & Eggs

Nut & Seed Butters (raw)

Nightshade vegetables


Organic fresh herbs. Driedfresh spices (less than 6 mos. old) Keep dry to prevent mold growth.

(For detailed information see Diet FAQ on Fats & Oils) High quality, cold-pressed oils stored (caution- fish is a source of mercury & other toxins, use sparingly, 2 or less in dark container (most need refrigeration) servings/week) Flax (for raw consumption only) All organically farmed fish Pumpkin Oily (high EFA) Fish Include:herring, Hemp kippers, pilchards, sardines, sprats, Sesame trout (not farmed), whitebait, anchovies, carp (farmed) and mussels. Extra virgin olive (store in cool place) Best oils for cooking: Non oily (low EFA): striped farmed Ghee bass, white bass, pacific cod, Dover Organic coconut butter sole, Alaskan and pacific halibut, red Palm oil mullet, cold-water prawns, tilapia and Olive oil turbot.(For a more complete list and to regularly check for up to date health Legumes (soaked &/or sprouted) & ecological information: Aduki beans http://www.oceansalive.org/home.cfm) Black beans Black eyed peas Sweeteners Brown lentils Stevia extract-solvent& additive-free Chick peas Chicolin natural chicory extract Green beans (organic) Yacon syrup Green lentils Kidney beans Beverages Lupini beansPurified water Mung beans Lemon or lime water Navy beans Kolorex Tea (anti-fungal) Snow peas Pau D’Arco tea (anti-fungal) String beans Roobios tea (anti-oxidant) all natural herbal teas –(high quality or Starchy Legumes fresh to reduce risk of mold (use in moderation) contamination) Pinto Sparkling water/soda water Romano Fresh non-sweet veggie juices Black eyed peas Diluted 100% lemon or cranberry GreatNorthern beans Juice – can be diluted with water or sparkling water and sweetened with Miscellaneous stevia. Brine soaked pickles or olives Nut Milks sweetened w/stevia chicolin Water from young raw organic coconut

Fats & Oils


.com - Food List - (Limit Foods)
OK foods (unlimited) Green --- Limit foods Orange --- Avoid foods Red


Sweet potato (organic) CassavaCarrots cooked (organic) Parsnips Potato Beets Pumpkin Starchy squash (all but Spaghetti or yellow squash which are OK foods) Yams Fava beans Peas Red lentils Lima Beans (do not need to count as limits) Carrot and beet juices (1/4 cup servings) (do not need to count as limits, except corn) (Use only organic. Use rarely & only if cravings or symptoms are NOT triggered.) Goat or sheep cheese Goat or...
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