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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Thank you M’am

This story is about a boy that wanted to steal the bag of a woman but he couldn’t because the woman act quickly and defend. Then thewomen feel compassion of that boy and tuck him to her house. In the street the boy tell the woman that he wanted to steel her bag for bye a shoes.Then In her house she prepared food and treat very good the boy. She helped and showed a lot of things to the boy. At the end she gave to the boy moneyfor buy the shoes he wanted to buy.
I like a lot this story and I learn a lot of things like that your actions and appearance can establish what peoplethink about. And if you make something bad sometimes you think that all are thinking about that and you put nervous and insecure like the boy did.Also I learn that some people forgive the things they made them and they help the people in the past made them something bad. Like in this story the womenforgive the boy and took him to her house and make her food. I learn that if you make something bad and if you put sorry the problem can solvesometimes.
I think the message of this story is that if you don’t have to make bad things to get something you want and if you made something bad you can putsorry and try to solve the problem. Also that there are people that forgive the bad things they made them. I think that’s very good because that waythey helped the people and they are good people. This story is for we learn a lot of things and also to know how is the live with the pure people.