Oliver twist scrip

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(Agne walks for the cold streets and she is pregnant)
Agne: Ohh, Ohh
Sally: What happens here? Ohh my god I’ll help you
Agne: Ohh. Ohh
Sally: Push, push
(The baby born)
Agne: Ohh, I’m dying, pass me the baby please. (She looks his eyes and kisses him and said...)
Agne: His name is Oliver, take this ring and somemoney please!!
(Agne died)
Sally: Poor baby, I’m sorry but I must take your things and care of you
(Nine years later…)
Oliver: I’m hungry, I want more soup
Chef: What???? Do you want more soup eh? Jajaja
Bumble: No more soup fucker (He kicks Oliver with a stick)
(Bumble founds with Mr. Sowerberry in the streets)
Bumble: Hi, Mr. Sowerberry, I have an offer for youSowerberry: Tell me
Bumble: Do you want to have children for work in your coffin store by only five ponds?
Sowerberry: Let me think… eh! Ok I´ll do
(Oliver arrives at Mr. Sowerberry’s house)
Mrs. Sowerberry: Jah! Did you bought this bag of bones! Better go to sleep with the coffins! Jajaja (evil laugh)
Oliver: (crying) Ohh no this is so bad, besides Noah Claypole is so bad with me, betterI’ll go London!
(On the streets of London)
Oliver: Money please, Help please!
Jack: Hey! Do you want help little boy?
Oliver: yes!
Jack: Ok so… C’mon with me and I’ll give you food and home!
Oliver: All right! (Hopefully)
(On Fagin Gang)
Jack: Hi Fagin, He is Oliver, a new member!
Fagin: Ohh, Great, How are you boy?
Oliver: Hungrier!
Fagin: Ok, now go sleep, tomorrow is goingto be a hard day!
(Oliver eats something and sleeps later)
Jack: Wake up Oliver!
Oliver: What’s wrong?
Jack: We need to go streets!
Oliver: For what?
Jack: you´ll see
(On the streets)
Jack: Do you see that handkerchiefs?
Oliver: … Eh? Yes
Jack: Take them
Oliver: No that’s bad
Jack: Jah, Noob see like a master do!
Oliver: No please!
Jack: Run Oliver!
(Oliver fell down onthe floor)
(On the Mr. Brownlow’s house)
Oliver: I’m innocent
Mr. .Brownlow: Where are your friends?
Oliver: They aren’t my friends!
Mr. Brownlow: I know, they’re only thieves
Oliver: I’m a nice kid believe me!
Mr. Brownlow: I’m sure that (thinking)
Mr. Brownlow: I need that you make me a favor!
Oliver: What favor?
Mr. Brownlow: you may go to the bookshop and let these books inthere ok?
Oliver: Ohh, yes I’ll do
(Oliver walks in the streets)
Oliver: Lalalalala
Bill: Stay there little kid!
Oliver: Ohh no Bill don’t hurt me, please!!
Bill: Jah, I won’t hurt you, but wait Fagin do to you jajaja (evil laugh)
Oliver: Ohh no (Crying)
(One minutes later)
Bill: Take Fagin, I found this little bastard
Fagin: Jah, So… Do you want said to the police about useh?
Oliver: No no I didn’t
Fagin: Take this … (Fagin kicks Oliver with a stick)
Nancy: Stop! He didn’t say anything Fagin!
Fagin: whatever…
Bill: Stand up Oliver! Tomorrow we´ll steal the Marley´s House!
Oliver: Ohh my God! That’s terrible… (Low voice)
Bill: What?
Oliver: Nothing
(On the Marley’s house)
Bill: C’mon, climb that wall and enter for the window it’s easy!
Oliver:Okay…¡ Wait!
Mr. Giles: Who’s there?
Oliver: Ohh no!
Mr. Giles: Fucking thieve
(Mr. Giles shot Oliver)
Oliver: Bill, please help me! I’m bleeding
Bill: Ohh, I can´t help you more, defend by yourself Oliver (He runs)
Oliver: No (Crying) I need help, better I go to that house for help!
(Oliver stamp in the house)
Oliver: Please I need help
Rose: Ohh poor boy he needs help! Rightnow!
Harry: But he’s the thief that tried to steal us!
Rose: But he needs help!
Harry: Ok
(In this moment Dr. Losberne arrives and check out Oliver)
Rose: Dr. How is the boy?
Losberne: It’s out danger but he needs to rest a lot
Mrs. Mayle: We care of this kid!
(Months later...)
Mrs.Mayle: Oliver!! Wake up you need go to school!!
Oliver: Okay I’ll go
(Oliver watches by the...
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