One woman one vote

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2011
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The film Iron Jawed Angels and One Woman One Vote recount the battle of

many years for women's suffrage and the challenges and fight these pioneers had to

achieve equal rights since ElizabethCady Stanton until Alice Paul. These two films

show an important chapter in American history but the same story is told differently IJW

uses the narrative fiction film and the story startsfrom Alice Paul from 1912 until 1920

OWOV already uses the documentary form to illustrate the 70 years of struggle until

the achievement of the right to vote.

This documentary takes viewersto the spirit of the suffrage movement and

presents a society characterized by strife, conflict and achievements within a specific

social and political context of the U.S. in the second halfof the 19th century to early

20th century. The documentary reveals how was the dynamic of the movement with its

many events and leaders

Essentially, a documentary film genre is one thatattempts to represent reality

through the historical events which serve as context. The film OWOV used this form of

genre to represent the suffragist struggle, that is, this documentaryillustrates this

historical fact in a linear, logical, chronological and objective trying to get closer to the

maximum of the real facts. Both films represent the same reality but with techniquesand a different look at the facts OWOV tries to be faithful to reality using verbal text,

sounds and images. A narrator who reports the facts without any dramatization or

intervention inhistory on the figure of the narrator makes the connection of the whole

story but the main source of information about the documentary comes from the

testimonials. Testimonials historians whosupport the facts and make them more

legitimate. On the other hand we have the same representation of the same story but

with a totally different perspective. The film IJA has a tone more...
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