Opinion about mr.maurer's method

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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2011
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In my opinion, it’s an interesting text, and the first thing that I think is : Why not? . It’s true that it’s very difficult to know all thewords of a language and that we only use a small percentage compared with all the words that there are, but thinking I ask myself: Is possible tolearn a language in a short time?. It seems to me that it’s too much difficult. In a short time, It isn’t possible to get all the knowledge,expressions and a correct pronunciation of a language like English and, especially for someone who isn’t acquainted with the idiom.
Moreover, I don’tagree with Maurer about learning a language without to teach the grammar, because I think that it’s the base of all the language and it’s veryimportant to know how to form and structure the phrases. In my opinion, I think that a person don’t become competent with this method cause to learn anidiom is necessary a long time and travelling to foreign countries to practice and dominate the whole language. On the other hand, this method iseffective to get vocabulary and to go on improving your basic level to use in informal contexts and to find a job fastly inside of this context ( forexample, to work as a waiter don’t need to have a great domain of English ,only to know the basic expressions.). Although thinking it better, Iwould like to try and…who knows? It is possible that when I have finished the course , Mr. Maurer makes me change the opinion about his method.