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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2010
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Gabriel Ortiz
Ms. Arnason
Opposing Editorial
High school sports programs should not be cut and more funds allocated to academics. The diminishing funds thatare taking place in our high school right now are no excuse for the sports program to be cancelled or cut. There are various reasons why this should not happen. Theschool supposedly offers a high school sports program as part of the school when our parents pay for our learning, not just in academics, but also in physical educationand/or a sports program.
First of all, it is proven that if the human being does not exercise he/she will have health problems later on in life. All doctors recommend thatyou at least exercise 30 minutes per day and have a healthy diet including most of the food pyramid for you to be a healthy person. For us to be healthy we need a highschool sports program so that it facilitates our goal to stay healthy and live a longer life. Second of all, many people get scholarships from universities because of sportsand if our high school doesn’t have a sports program, then it is really difficult for us to obtain a sports scholarship. A sports program in high school is also a veryfundamental part of our lives because that’s where we can release all of our academic stress and forget about everything else in life and just concentrate on our goal orthe team’s goal at that moment. Having a sports program will also encourage many of our peers to socialize more or get to know other people that they might end up gettingalong quite well with. If we don’t have a sports program, I’m sure many of us will transfer to another high school where we can be active and play in our school’s team.
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