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1. - The teacher who now lives in Canada was respected by many of her student.
2. - The teacher who everybody respected remains single all her life.
3. - Thegirl who is singing is my cousin.
4.-John who lives in usa is my father.
5. - Ms Tate, who was trained in literature, has taught literature all her life.
6. - I'm going to visit my friend wholives in Chile.
7. - The girls you saw are my sisters.
8. - It took me a while to get used to people who eat popcorn
during the movie.
9. - She was the one who gave her the box.
10. - I haven't seenmy uncle who works in Dallas.

1. - The boy whom father is at the hospital.
2. - peter is the man whom I saw yesterday
3. - The man whom you see is my grandfather.
4. - I desire awomanservant and a manservant, and a secretary in whom I can trust.
5. - By whom was the book written. 
6. - The employee to whom you refer is no longer working for this company.
7. - Yesterday theysaw the boy to whom they gave the book.
8. - Those women for whom we organized the party never came.
9. - The woman to whom he was talking is his sister
10. - The professor, whom I respect, recentlyreceived tenure.

1. - Whose are these bags?
2. - Whose is that new car?
3. - Whose book is this?
4. - Carlos is my friend whose sister was my girlfriend
5. - Thestudent whose phone just rang should stand up.
6. - Students whose parents are wealthy pay extra.
7. - The police are looking for the car whose driver was masked.
8. - The car, whose driver jumped out just beforethe accident, was completely destroyed.
9. - The older one is a boy, whose name is Jonathan
10. - Do you know the boy whose mother is a nurse?

1. - The movie turned out to be ablockbuster hit, which came as
a surprise to critics.
2. - I lived in a village, the name of which I have forgotten.
3. - The science fair, which lasted all day, ended with an awards ceremony
4. - Is...
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